While we suffer incomprehensibility one document (or web screen) at a time, most complexity problems are ‘systemic’ in nature. Effective solutions must therefore address systemic, macro issues if the clarity sought in individual documents is to be sustained across an organization and over time. Charlene Haykel has developed such a process. Macrosimplification™ applies the principles and techniques for simplifying a single document to hundreds of such documents or screen pages across product and division lines of large organizations. Macrosimplification™ builds leaner, more effective communications around core content, typically reducing content volume by 20–30%. It also achieves sustainable clarity by tackling, head-on, organizational issues of staffing, training, culture and cost. Haykel will use case studies to show how a 20–30% reduction in word count consistently results in more manageable, clear and comprehensible, and cost-effective communications. She will lead delegates through a discussion of the practical challenges of improving language and content access at their companies and agencies. She’ll show them how, when dealt with on a macro level, communications can be clarified once and for all.