Plain language offers the revolutionary potential to change the way society understands conflict. Shifting from legal expertise in solving disputes to citizen's management of everyday interactions will minimize the anxiety, cost and consequences of legal issues.

As a component of Preventative Lawyering, lawyers who use plain language in their relationships with clients, break down the intimidation and confusion that legal terminology causes. Building the capacity of clients to understand and confidently participate in legal issues, lawyers empower people to take early, simple steps to reduce conflict and remove the fear and shame of legal disputes.

Sharing knowledge of legal terms and processes has the potential to bring clients into an active conversation about legal resolution. Shifts in medical and financial practice have transformed the expert-client relationship into a decision-making partnership. Law has not yet seen the same sharing of expertise. Plain language principles in all client communication would empower people to be active in their legal disputes, pursuing early resolution.

Sharing control of the language of law could transform the way society talks about conflict, opening up new possibilities for resolution.