Most of New Zealand’s legislation was made available on the NZ Legislation website in 2008.  Our goal of making legislation accessible to all was finally realised!  Or so we thought.   

We now know that was just the beginning.  Access is more than simply being able to obtain a copy of legislation, or writing it using plain language.  Legislation is no longer the domain of experts.  Today, anyone who has access to the Internet can use it.  We need to make legislation available in a way that meets the needs and expectations of those users, and reflects their understanding of it. 

The shift to online legislation provides an opportunity to consider what effective communication means when we take advantage of today’s technology, and plan for tomorrow’s. 

This session will focus on— 

  • the opportunities that are available when legislation is viewed as an electronic data-set, rather than words printed in a series of books:
  • methods for communicating information to people who do not know they need it:
  • how we can simplify a vast, complex, and interrelated statute book:  
  • the Access to Subordinate Instruments Project (  
  • how more effective communication and better document design may lead to better legislative outcomes. 

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