When you are a regulatory body in an active market, achieving your goals requires reports to government, the market, and consumers. The Electricity Authority is responsible for promoting competition, reliability, and efficiency in New Zealand’s electricity industry. The Authority needs its reports to be clear, accurate, logical, and effective. Three years ago, the Authority began a project to improve the quality of its analysis and writing, using two expert companies to review and evaluate a selection of reports each year.   Join representatives from the Electricity Authority, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, and Write Limited to find out how they have combined forces to improve communication to the electricity industry and members of the public.  Expect a brief overview of the first three years of the Report Review project, and the contribution made by each organisation, before we welcome questions on any aspect of the project.     Participants can come at this from so many angles! How does measurement feed into better writing? What impact does a project of this nature have on the in-house culture? How did we decide what to measure? How do the two different reviews (one for analysis and one for writing quality) complement one another? 

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