Laws are changing around the world to help protect consumers and encourage the right choices when getting products and services. The changes present a challenge and opportunity for businesses and lawyers, and a potential golden age for plain language. Translating complex legal ideas and documents into plain language is good for business.  

Consumers make better informed decisions, with greater trust. Plain language provides a better consumer experience and drives consumer satisfaction. 

Businesses save time, reduce complaints, and have a chance to make sure the previously boring ‘legal stuff at the end’ reflects and adds to the brand they work so hard to develop. 

Laws previously focused on making sure businesses gave specific information, assuming a wide range of information would help consumers make informed decisions.  

But experiences from the global financial crisis have shown that more information is not necessarily good information. 

Plain language stands as a beacon – writing to be easily understood and to help drive the right behaviour. 

The session covers one lawyer’s journey into the light. It outlines how plain language and the law deliver the right outcomes for businesses and consumers. 

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